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Systems and automation work behind the scenes, so that your expertise and personal touches can shine in the spotlight.

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Systems and Automation!

YOU are your business and your brand. It’s the personal touches and your knowledge and delivery that make people choose you over someone else.

Does that mean you have to handcraft every single email, and reach out to every single person who comments on your social media? No.

It’s the answer I hear most often when talking to passionate entrepreneurs!

Tech, Systems and Automation help you to run your business in a more effective and efficient way, freeing up your time to work on all those incredible ideas you have to support people in even better ways!

Systems & Automation Services

Tech Call

You have so many different systems, but none of them talk to each other. OR you're simply doing everything manually and KNOW there is a better way. On a 2-hour call, we dive in, discuss your business and design an efficient way to connect the dots!

Sales Tech
Set Up

You have an amazing offer/service, and you'd really LOVE for it to sell itself.

Using tech and systems to automate your sales is game changing. Will you be a millionaire overnight? Unlikely. Will you get a nice warm gooey feeling finding you've made 12 sales before you've had coffee? Yes.

Customer Experience Systems

Automating the process of nurturing & guiding your customers through how they can work with you, frees up your time to actually work with them.

This doesn't mean your customers are talking to a robot. Your customer experience combines your personal touch, with some automation magic.


Systems are organised processes that streamline the way you run your business, while automations are tools that perform certain tasks automatically. Together, they enhance efficiency, save time, and allow you to focus on what matters most—growing your business.

Absolutely! The goal of systems and automations is to simplify your business processes. I’ll guide you through the setup, provide clear instructions, and ensure everything aligns with your unique business needs.

Systems can automate your marketing processes, such as lead generation, email campaigns, and social media posting. This not only saves time but ensures consistency, helping you build a strong and engaged audience.

Many tasks can be automated, including email sequences, appointment scheduling, and data management. You’ll have full control and visibility; I’ll customise the automations to align with your preferences and business goals.

Client Testimonials

Working with Lexi is like having someone who is an extension of you, who understands what you need, gently challenges your thinking and then creates to tools you need to support your business while you can focus on delivering your service.
Sarah Tite
Sarah Tite Coaching Ltd
Lexi is a behind the scenes genius. I know that all the tasks I give them are in safe hands. I don't worry about the implementation, I can just see that they are miraculously done without needing my time or input. I highly recommend Lexi to every entrepreneur and solopreneur that I meet.
Hannah Roberts
Hannah Roberts Coaching

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