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People give you permission to send information to them about your business, direct to their inbox. So why aren't you?

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Email Marketing!

Email marketing is important. You know this, that’s why you’re here.

[Pssst – If you don’t know why it’s important, read a thing I wrote HERE]


You’re also here, because the idea of setting up your email marketing, choosing a platform, working out how to get a list, what you do with a list when you have one and how you even write a newsletter sounds like absolute hell to your brain.

Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing

Mailing List Power Call

Even the first step on setting up your email marketing makes you want to run away.

Shall we do it together? 3 hours, a fully functioning email marketing platform, a landing page, lead magnet AND a welcome sequence.

The ultimate body doubling, genius zone accountability session.

You sit down to write your newsletter, but you stare at your screen for 2 hours instead.

Let’s create a BESPOKE newsletter blueprint for you so that when you sit down to write your newsletter, you have a clear framework to write within, image placeholders, and a snazzy signature to sign off.

Content Creation

Newsletter Blueprint

Newsletter Club

Newsletter Accountability Ninjas

You have EVERY intention of being consistent with your newsletter, but something always seems to get in the way (psst, we call it procrastination!)

So, once a month you join the Newsletter Accountability Ninjas where in a 90 minute session you get to check in, grab some accountability buddies, body double and get support when you need it to Get. It. Done!


Email marketing is far from obsolete – it’s a dynamic and essential tool for business growth. Through targeted engagement, cost-effectiveness, measurable results, and the ability to build and nurture relationships, email marketing can significantly impact your brand’s success.

Absolutely not! My Mailing List Power Call in particular is aimed at businesses who have no email marketing experience whatsoever. We set you up from scratch!

Businesses who have never used email marketing, or businesses who have signed up to an email marketing platform, but never made any use of it and would like to build a list.

The Newsletter Blueprint is a 90-minute call that leaves you with a bespoke framework to use to write your monthly newsletter, consistently engaging your audience.

The Newsletter Consistency Ninjas membership provides accountability, as well as active support in helping you get your newsletter done consistently. Body doubling provides a “co-action effect” – research has shown that having another person present performing the same task leads to an increase in task performance.

Simply click on one of my snazzy orange buttons above and they will take you straight to some further information and the booking process!

Client Testimonials

Lexi helped me start email automation from scratch. They helped me organise my content and what the following emails should be. Lexi is so easy to work with and has a really collaborative nature. They aren't pushy or condescending and made sure I understood how things worked with the system we were using. Lexi really understands neurodivergent brains and what we need. I would highly recommend Lexi for your digital needs.
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